Employee Rosters
Employee Rosters Grading Rubric

You will create a memorandum informing your employees of their room assignments for an upcoming training they will be attending at the Palm Beach Marriott. The training is for several days so you as their boss have booked them rooms to stay in while they are away at training. You will use a watermark (a slightly transparent image or block of text) that will be placed behind your text which will add visual impact. Watermarks can be images, objects, or text. For instance, document containing important information that is not meant to be shared with others are often watermarked with the text "CONFIDENTIAL." Since they have a dimmed, slightly transparent appearance, watermarks are not meant to distract from the readability of a document.

In this activity you will practice using a watermark to mark a memo as "CONFIDENTIAL."

Open a new word document in Word 2012 and save the document with the name Employee Roster.

Set up Page Margins

Set the page margins as follows:

Top to 2"
Left, Right, and Bottom to 1"

With the Page Layout tab selected click Margins then select Custom Margins.

Custom Margins

Fill in the margins as shown below:


Set Alignment Tabs

Set Left aligned tabs to 1.5" and 4".

To set your tabs, with the Home tab selected click the more button in the Paragraph section.

Set Tabs

This opens the Paragraph dialog box.

When you click the arrow you should see a dialogue box appear. Click the Tabs button in the bottom left.


Your Tabs dialog should look like the one below with both set to left alignment.

Set Tabs

Click OK to set the tabs.

Type the Text

Type the memo exactly as shown below. The information that is in parenthesis will be information you will provide. For example, the text below where it says (Your Business Name) should be replaced with the name of your business.


Your font should be set Times New Roman size 12. Use the TAB key to align the Employee Name and Rooms Column.

Line spacing should, underline, and caps need to be typed exactly as shown below. You will need to use the Tab key when entering the text Employee, Room, and the Employee names.


Insert Confidential Text Watermark

With the Page Layout tab selected click Watermark. Select the Confidential 1 watermark from the drop down list.


Resave and close your document.

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