Create a Company Flyer
Create a Company Flyer Grading Rubric

Create a flyer advertising one of your company's products, a sale, or an upcoming event. Possible examples could include a blow out sale, members only sale, etc.

Start Word 2010. Start a new document and save the document with the name Company Flyer.

Your flyer will include a custom picture watermark, a page border, your logo, and decorative text.

ClipArt Watermark

First find the ClipArt you want to use for your watermark. Insert it on the page and save it as a picture file to your folder using PrintKey. Delete the clipart from the page.

Now you will insert the clipart as a watermark on the page. With the Page Layout tab selected click Watermark then Custom Watermark.

Custom Watermark

This opens the Printed Watermark dialog box. Select the Picture watermark radio button then the Select Picture button where you will navigate to your student folder where you will select the clipart picture you previously saved.


Include a Page Border

With the Page Layout tab selected click on the Page Borders button to open the Boarders and Shading dialog box. Find a page border that complements the theme of your business.

Page Border

Include Business Logo

Place your cursor at the top of your document. With the Insert tab selected click Picture. Navigate to your student folder and locate your logo and select it, then click the Insert button to insert it on the page.

Insert Picture

With the logo selected center align it on the page by selecting the center align button located on be Home tab.

Center Align

Include a Decorative Font

With the home tab selected click on the font face dropdown list and choose a font of your choice. Also size your font to fit on the page. Change the font color if you like.


Center the Text Vertically on the Page

Select all your text by holding down the left mouse button and dragging all the text of use the shortcut keys Ctrl + A. Click the center alignment button Center Align in the home section. Your text should be even distributed on the page both vertically as well as horizontally.

Resave your document.

Creating Business Documents in Microsoft 2010