Creating Gift Certificates
Creating Gift Certificates Grading Rubric

You need to create gift certificates so that customers can purchase them as gifts for their friends or family. You will insert your business logo and type in your business address.

Open Word 2010. You are going to use a template that has already been formatted for you by Microsoft.

Click File > New > then select Gift Certificates from the Templates options.

Gift Certificates

Select the Gift certificate (multi-colored border, 3-up). Double click to download it.

Gift Certificate



Save Document

Save the document with the name Gift Certificates.

Delete the text Company Name and Primary Business Address and replace it with your logo on all three certificates. Your document might now extend to the next page. You want all three certificates to fit on one page. You will fix this later.

On the next two lines that read Your Address Line 2, Your Address Line 3 replace it with your fictitious address. Repeat this with the next two certificates.

Gift Certificate

Text Wrap Logo

Select the the picture by clicking on it. Then with the Picture Tools Format tab selected click Behind Text. Don't worry about how it appears. You will fix that later. Repeat this with the other two logos.

Text Wrap Behind Text

Notice how your logo now covers your address. You will fix that in the next step:


Move Logo

Now you will select your logo and move it above the address. If you are having difficulty selecting the logo with the Home tab selected click Select then Select Object.

Select Object

You should now be able to select the logo on the page. Move it above the address. Resize it if needed to line up with your address. Repeat this with the other two certificates.


Resave it as a word document.

Save in PDF Format

Save the document in PDF format.

Save as PDF

Click on the link below to open my completed gift certificate:

Gift Certificate Example

Creating Business Documents in Microsoft 2010