Creating Hanging Name Tags Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Hanging Name Tags Grading Rubric

Your business has grown and you now have 5 region offices. The people you sent to training are from different regions. You want to make hanging name tags for each of your employees since most of them will be meeting for the first time.

Open a new document in Word 2010. Name it Sales by Region.

Type the following information in the document making sure to separate them by commas. You can replace your business name after the At to your business name. Example:


Can be changed to the e-mail below using your business name, replacing

Change Email

You will use this document in an upcoming activity.

Sales Info

Create Recipient List

Next you will create a new database/recipient list that will be used to create your hanging name tags. You will use the information you typed in above. You will need to change some of the column names to reflect the data you want to enter. For example you wan to include Name, Region, Job Title, and E-mail address.

With the mailing tab still selected click Select Recipients then select Type New List.

Select Recipients

Edit Recipient List Table Columns

At the New Address List dialog box click the Customize Columns button.

Customize Columns

What you want to keep is First Name, Last Name, Country or Region, and E-mail Address. You will delete the other Field Names.

Address List Items

Click on each of the other items and then click the Delete Button. It will then bring up a prompt asking you if you are sure you want to delete these items. Click the Yes button to remove the Field Name from the list.


Your Customize Address List should now look like this:

Address List

Now your need to rename Country or Region to just Region. Click on Country or Region then click the Rename button. At the Rename Field dialog box type in the text Region. Click OK.


Now you want to add the field name Job Title. Click the Add button.

Add Field Name

Type Job Title in the Add Field dialog box. Click OK to close and return to the Customize Address List.

Add Field Name

Your Customize Address List should now look like this.

Job Title Added

Click OK to close the Customize Address List.

Enter Your Data

Now you will enter the data you typed in earlier. After you enter the first name you will need to click the Add Entry.

New Entry

Continue and fill in all ten entries. Your New Address List should now look like this:

Address List

Click OK to close the New Address List dialog box. You will now need to name the database. Navigate to your student folder and name the database Employee by Region. Make sure you don't save it with the same name of the database you saved earlier!!

Save Address List

Click save to save and close your database.

Resave the Sales by Region document, then close it.

Open a new document and name it Hanging Name Tags.

Create the Hanging Name Tags Using the Mail Merge Wizard.

Hanging name tags are labels. With the Mailing Tab selected click Start Mail Merge then select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard..

Mail Merge Wizard

There are six steps the wizard will take you through. The first step you need to select the document type. For this activity it is labels.


Click Next to go to step 2. In step 2 you will need to decide how you want to set up your mailing label. You will select Change document layout. Then click the label options button to open the label options dialog box. Select 74459 Hanging Name Badges then click OK.

Label Options

Word creates a document that contains the sheet of name tag labels. Word uses a table to lay out the name tag labels. If you don't see lines separating the labels, click the Layout tab under Table Tools, and then in the Table group, click View Gridlines. Your document should now look similar to this.

Nametag Layout

Click Next to go to step 3. This is where you will select Use an existing list, the list you saved earlier named Employee By Region. Click the Browse button and navigate to your student folder and select the data file, then click Open.

Use Existing List

When you click open you will see all the employees you have entered. Since you want to print a name tag for everyone, you will leave check marks by all the names. However, if you wanted to pick only a few names to print you would remove the checkmarks from beside the names you don't want to print a name tag for.


Click Ok then click next to go to step 4, arrange your labels.

Arrange Labels

In this step you will insert merge fields which are located on the Mailing tab Write and Insert section on the ribbon.

Insert Merge Fields

Click in the first name tag box. Click the center align button Center Align on the Home tab to center your cursor in the name tag box.

Now you will place the fields you want to appear on the name tag. I want all of the fields to appear except the e-mail address. With the mailing tab selected, click Insert Merge Field then select First_Name. Press the space bar to place a space then insert Last_Name.

Insert Merge Fields

Press the Enter key twice then insert the Region field.

Press the Enter key twice then insert the Job_Title field.

Your document should now look like this:

Name Tags

Update Labels

Now you need to update all labels. On the Mail Merge panel click Update all labels.

Update Labels

Your document should now look like this:

Updated Labels

Click next to go to step 5, Preview your labels.

Preview Results

Now you should see the first page of your finished name tags. To see the other pages use the arrow keys.

Preview Labels

Your name tags should now appear like the one below:

Name Tags

Click next to complete the merge. This is where you have two options, print or edit individual labels. You will not do anything else for this activity.

Complete Merge

Resave and close your document.

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