Mail Merge Labels
Mail Merge Labels Grading Rubric

Start a new blank document and name it Mail Merge Labels.

With the Mailing Tab selected click Start Mail Merge then select Labels.

Start Mail Merge

In the Label Options dialog box, you have several choices to make.

Label Options

  1. The type of printer that you are using to print labels
  2. The supplier that produced your label sheets
  3. The number that corresponds to the product number listed on your package of label sheets

For this activity use the settings above. Since you are not printing don't worry about the Printer options. Select Avery US Letter and the product number 8160 Easy Peel Address Labels.

After you select the label options that you want, click OK. Word creates a document that contains the sheet of labels. Word uses a table to lay out the labels. If you don't see lines separating the labels, click the Layout tab under Table Tools, and then in the Table group, click View Gridlines.

Show Gridlines

Connect the Labels to Address List

To merge information into your labels, you must connect the labels to your address list, also known as a data source or a data file. You can make some changes during the merge, but you can't open your data source separately during the merge. The merge process is easier if your data source is ready before you connect to it.

On the Mailings tab, in the Select Recipients group, Use Existing List.

Select Recipients

Navigate to your student folder and select the access database you created when you were constructing your form letter.

Select Data Source

Your document should now look like this:

Add to Document

Insert a Picture/ClipArt:

With your cursor in the first cell with the Insert tab selected click Picture or Clipart and find the picture/clipart you want to use on your label. Click on it to place it in the first cell:


Notice that the picture is too large. With your left mouse button depressed click on one of the selection handles and size it to fit the cell. Remember you will be adding your customers address data to the cell.

Position the Picture/ClipArt:

With the picture still selected click the Format tab and then Position and position your picture in the cell where you want it.


Add Merge Address Data:

Place your cursor to the right of the Picture/ClipArt. With the Mailing tab selected select Address Block. If your Address Block is grayed out you have not connected to your recipient list. Go back to the section Connect the Labels to Address List.

Address Block

Click OK to accept the default settings at the Address Block dialog box. FYI:You can preview your recipients at this dialog box.

Address Block Default Settings

Your document should now look like this:


When you finish setting up the first label the way you want it, with the Mailing tab selected click in the Write & Insert Fields group, click Update Labels.

Update Labels

Your document should now look like this:

Update Labels

Where are the recipient names? That is what you will do in your last step. With the Table Tools tab selected click Finish and Merge then Edit Individual Document.

Finish and Merge

Select all from the Merge to New Document.

Merge All

Your document should now look like this with all five recipients shown.


Resave your document with the name Mail Merge Labels Merged.

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