Formatting Text to Two Columns/Newspaper Style
Formatting Text to Two Columns/Newspaper Style Grading Rubric

You want to create a newspaper flyer you will hand out to potential customers letting them know your expectations of employees. You will convert the 20 Tips on How to Survive and Keep Your Job into a newspaper flyer.

Open the document 20 Tips on How to Survive and Keep Your Job in Word 2010. Resave it with the name Newspaper Article.

Delete all Heading 2 Titles on Top Page

Select all the text of the top page, the page not numbered, expect the title 20 Tips on How to Survive and Keep Your Job. Press the delete key. Your top page should now look like this:

Text Deleted

Remove Header

With the Insert tab selected click Header then select Remove Header.

Remove Header

Your pages should now appear with no headers.

Remove Page Numbers

With the Insert tab selected click Page Numbers then Remove Page Numbers.

Remove Page Numbers

Remove All Formatting From Document

While holding the Ctrl key down press the letter A on the keyboard to select all the text in the document. With the Home tab selected click the Clear Formatting button to get rid off all the styles in the document.

Clear Formatting


Format All Font

Select all the text in the document (Ctrl + A) and set it to Calibri Body Text 11.

Modify Heading 1 and Heading 2 Styles

Modify Header 1

Select the title on page one, 20 Tips on How to Survive and Keep Your Job. Change the font to Calibri (Body) Text 14, center aligned, with the color set to Blue (or a color that compliments your logo).

Heading 1 Font

With the text still selected right click the Heading 1 Style in the Styles section on the Home tab and select Modify.

Modify Style

At the Modify Style dialog box assign it the name Newspaper Header. Notice that all the formatting you did to the text appears in the Modify Style dialog box.

Header Modified

Now it appears in your styles panel as a style.


Modify Header 2

Navigate to the second page in your document and select the title text on the page. This time right click on the Heading 2 Style first select modify. You will now set the formatting in the Modify Styles dialog box. Type Newspaper Side Headers as the Name of the modified style. Change the font to Calibri (Body) Size 12, click the Bold button to make it bold, and change the color to red (or a color that complements your logo).

Format Style\

Click OK to set the modifications. Now with the text selected click Newspaper Side Headers style to apply it to the selected text.

Select Heading 2

Your text should now appear like this:

Heading Style

Continue selecting the rest of the titles on the other 21 pages and apply the Newspaper Side Headers style.

Remove Extra Space

Place your cursor under text on the first page and press the delete key until you remove the space. Continue until all the space is removed as shown below:

All Space Removed

Correct Grammatical Errors

With the cursor at the beginning of the document go to the Review tab. Click on the Spelling & Grammar command..

Spelling and Grammar Check

When Microsoft Word comes across what it thinks is a grammatical or spelling error it will give you suggestions on what to change it to. You can choose to Ignore or Change it. Correct all errors in document.

First Grammer Check

Another way to correct a word without going into the Spelling and Grammar feature is to right click on the word and it gives you suggestions as shown below.


Change Margin Size

Change the margins to the values shown below: To open the Page Setup Margins dialog box with the Page Setup tab selected click Margins then choose Custom Margins. Set all margins to 0.8".


Custom Margins

Fully Justify Text

Select all the text in the body of the document except the title "20 Tips on How to Survive and Keep Your Job" and fully justify the text on the page. To fully justify the text, on the Home ribbon click the fully justification buttons Justification.

Insert Logo at Bottom of Page

Place your cursor below the last sentence in the document insert you lobo (Insert tab > Picture) center aligned on page.

.Insert Picture

Format the Body Text to Two Columns

Select the body of the article, not the title of logo, then with the Page Layout tab selected select Columns then More Columns.

Page Layout Columns

At the Columns dialog box select two from the Presets, column width 3.2", spacing .5", and make sure the box is checked beside the "Equal column width."

Column Settings

Click OK to place your text in two columns.

Add Drop Caps to Paragraphs

You will now add drop cap to all of the paragraphs in the document. Place your cursor in front of the beginning of the first paragraph. With the Insert ribbon selected, click Drop Cap then select Dropped.

Drop Cap

Your paragraph should now look like this:

Cap Lock

Add Drop Caps to the remaining paragraphs in the document.

Resave your document.

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