Create a Phone List with Tabs and Dot Leaders
Create a Phone List with Tabs and Dot Leaders Grading Rubric

You want to create a list of phone numbers that will display the numbers for the region managers. Open a new document in Word 2010 and save it with the name Region Manager Phone Numbers.

Add the title Region Manager's Phone Numbers center aligned at the top of the page.

Region Managers Title

Type in the following information just as it appears below.

Region Manager Phone Numbers

Change Line Spacing

Select all four names and on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Line Spacing button Sine Spacing and then choose Remove Space After Paragraph:


Remove space after

At the Line Spacing Options dialog box.

Set Tabs

With all four names still selected create a Right tab setting at 6.5" with dot leaders. With the Home tab selected in the Paragraph section click the more button.

More Options

At the Paragraph dialog box click the Tab button.


Type 6.5" in the Tab stop position, click the Right radio button and the 2nd options in the leader section, then click the Set button to set the tabs.

Phone Number Tabs

Enter Phone Numbers

Place your cursor after the first name and press the tab key then type in the phone number. You can make up phone numbers for each of the employees. Place your cursor behind the second name and press the tab key then enter the phone number. Repeat until you have all phone numbers entered as shown below:

Phone Numbers

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