Recipe Grading Rubric

You and your employees have decided to create a cookbook that the proceeds will go to the local boys/girls club. You are asking each employee to submit a recipe following a certain format. You will use bullets and numbers to enhance the readability of the document.

Open a new word document in Word 2012 and name it Recipe.

Add a Mod Even Page Header

Choose the Mod Even Page Header from the Insert Header drop down list.

Mod Even Page Header

Type the name of your recipe in text box.


You will find a recipe online that you want to submit for this activity. The font should be set to Times New Roman, the font size to 12 points.

Single space and double space as shown below. To set the line spacing, with the Home tab selected click the more button in the paragraph section. Choose a line spacing from the drop down list.

Line Spacing

Starting on the first line of the document, type the recipe in the exact format as shown below, except replace your name, ingredients, and instructions for the recipe you are submitting.


Bold Text

Bold the title text, Ingredients, and Directions.

Bold Text

Add Bullet List

Select the list of ingredients and format them as a bulleted list using the bullets and numbering feature. Use a bullet style of your choice.

With the Home tab selected click the more button by the bullet list icon and select Define New Bullet.

Define Bullet List

At the Define New Bullet dialog box click the Picture button.

Picture Bullet

Make sure that the Include content from Office Online is checked. Choose a bullet of your choice.

Picture Bullets

Click OK to apply the bullet list to your list of ingredients.

Bullet List

Add a Numbered List

Select the list of directs and put them in a numbered list using the bullets and numbering feature located on the Home tab.


Your directions should now appear as numbers as shown below:

Carefully proofread the document for spelling, grammar, and accuracy.

Resave your document.

Creating Business Documents in Microsoft 2010