Create Recipe Cards
Create Recipe Cards Grading Rubric

The recipes your employees submitted for the fund raiser have been approved. Now you want to format them so they appear the same for the book publication. You will use the recipe you saved earlier.

Open the Recipe document you created earlier. Open Word 2010. You are going to use a template that has already been formatted for you by Microsoft.

Click File > New > then select Greeting Cards or Cards from the Templates options.


Greeting Cards


Recipe Cards

Select Recipe Cards from the Templates.

Recipe Cards

Select the Holiday recipe cards (with holly, 4 per page) from the template choices. Double click it to download it.

Holiday Recipe Cards

Save Document

Save the document with the name Recipe Cards.

Copy Text

Return to the Recipe document and copy all your text. First select the text by either holding down the left mouse and dragging over the text, then copy the text using the shortcut keys Ctrl + C.

Selected Text

Paste Text

Return to the Recipe page and select the text Type your recipe here. Press the delete button to remove the text from the page.

Type Your Text Here

Place your cursor inside the text box and paste the recipe into the one of the four cards, adjusting the size of the font so that all the text appears on the card. To paste the text use the shortcut key Ctrl + V.


Resave the document.

Creating Business Documents in Microsoft 2010