Research for Advertising/TV Show Ratings
Research for Advertising/TV Show Ratings Grading Rubric

You, as CEO of your business, want to place advertisements on local TV stations. You have researched what stations have the highest ratings and you need to put it in a document so that you can present it to your board members. You will use tabs to place the data in an organized fashion on the page.

Start a new blank document in Word 2010 and name it TV Show Ratings.

Set the font to Times New Roman, the font size to 12 points for the body of the document. Your header, which you will insert next, will already be formatted with a font.

Insert Header

To insert the header, with the Insert tab selected click Header then scroll down until your find the Exposure Header. Notice that the text is already formatted left with a text placeholder and right aligned to pick a date.

Insert Header


Click in the left text placeholder and type the text TV Show Ratings. Click in the Pick a date placeholder and pick a date. For this activity you will pick the date a week from today which will be when your board meeting is set to meet.

Show Ratings

Insert a Footer

Now you will insert a footer that includes your business name along with your name followed by a comma and the letters CEO. CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer which is your title since you own and manage the company.

Notice that the Header and Footer Tools tab is already selected because you are in the header section. Click Go to Footer button to place your cursor in the footer section.

Go To Footer

Now you will enter the text yourself. With the home tab selected click the center align button Center Align to place your cursor in the center of the page. Since the heading is formatted with the text Cambria size 12 Cambria Font, you will use this font in the footer as well. On the home tab select the Cambria font size 12 then type in your business name, press enter, then type your name, CEO.

Footer Text

Double click in the body of the document to exit the Footer.

Set Margins

Now you need to set your margins to 1" on all sides. With the Page Layout tab selected click Margins then Normal. Notice that the Normal setting is all the sides are 1".

Normal Margins

Turn on the Show/Hide (Show/Hide):

With the Home Tab selected click the Show/Hide icon to turn on this feature. Your document should now appear like the one below:


Set Tabs

Set the following tabs:

Left aligned tab at .75"
Center aligned tab at 3.25"
Right aligned tab at 5.75"

To set your tabs, with the Home tab selected click the more button in the Paragraph section.

Set Tabs

This opens the Paragraph dialog box.

When you click the arrow you should see a dialogue box appear. Click the Tabs button in the bottom left.


This will open the tab stop dialog box:


The area to concentrate on is Tab stop position. When you want to set a tab stop, you type in a number in the text box below the words "Tab stop position". Then you press the "Set" button. You are going to set tab stop positions at Left aligned tab at .75", Center aligned tab at 3.25", and Right aligned tab at 5.75" .

Left aligned tab at .75"
Center aligned tab at 3.25"
Right aligned tab at 5.75" .
Left Tab Set
Center Tab Set
Right Tab Set

Click the OK button when you have finished.

Tabs Set

Starting at the first line of the document type in the text shown below. Remember the text should be set to Times New Roman Size 12.

Center Align and Bold the Title

Center align and bold the title, TV SHOW RATINGS, then hit ENTER two times.


Add Text and Space with Tabs

First you will need to place your cursor left aligned on the page. With the Home Tab selected click the left align button.

You will separate each column using the TAB key.

Make sure you hit the TAB key once before typing the text in the first column.

TV Shows

To turn off the Show/Hide feature click the Show/Hide button Show/Hide again.

Hidden Formatting

There are times when you don't want something in your document to appear. This is called Hidden formatting.

Place your cursor behind the title TV SHOE RATINGS and press the enter key to place your cursor under the title. Type "These are results from 2003."

Hidden Text

Select the text These are results from 2003 and with the Home tab selected select the more arrow in the font area to open the Font dialog box.

More Font Options

At the font dialog box with the Font tab selected place a check in the Hidden check box.

Font Hidden

Notice that your font is now hidden in the document.

To unhide the font simply select all the text in the document (Ctrl + A) then return to the font dialog box and uncheck the Hidden check box.

Hidden Font

Save and close your document.

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