Enhancing the Chest Area
Video Tutorial

Open a photo of someone who wants to be more endowed. I am using the picture below I got from the internet site http://www.reflexstock.com/ :

Flat Chest

Create a new layer by clicking the New Layer icon on the layers palette:

New Layer

Choose Edit > Fill Layer to open the Fill Layer dialog. Change the Use setting to 50% Gray:

50% Gray Fill Layer

Click OK. This will fill the new layer with gray and hide the Background layer. Change the layer's blend mode to Overlay. This will totally hide the gray color and make the photo look like it did when you opened it.

Blend Mode Overlay

Now we are going to add shadows to add depth. This will be subtle so you actually want so much of a change. Select the Burn tool Burn Tool and in the Options Bar, make sure Midtones is selected in the Range pop-up menu and set the Exposure setting to 10%. Also choose a soft brush with the size according to you photo. I used a brush size of 24 for this photo:

Burn Tool Option Settings

With the gray layer selected, start painting just below the breast area to add some soft shadows. Bring these shadows up into the middle of the chest and taper them off as you move toward the middle.

Next add shadows by selecting the dodge tool from the toolbox Dodge Tool. Again, make sure that the Range setting is set to Midtones and set the Exposure to 10%. Click over the top part of each breast to simulate highlights shining on that area. This will only be a subtle effect.

At the top right of the Layers, click the more button and choose Flatten Image to merge the two layers together.

Flatten Layers

Now we are going to add some depth to this photo by enhancing the curves. Select the Lasso tool Lassoand draw a quick selection around one side of the breast area that you'd like to enlarge. Look at my selection below:

Lasso Selection

Now we need to feather it. Click Select > Feather:

Feather Selection

Enter a setting of 15 pixels to soften the selection then click OK to close the feather dialog box.

Feather Selection

Go to Filter > Distort > Pinch:

Pinch Filter


Pinch Settings

Pinch is used to make something smaller but you can use it in reverse. Basically the amount slider starts in the middle at 0. Moving it to the right makes things small but when moving it the the left of the 0, it makes things larger. I wanted to make a drastic change so I slide the marker all the way to the left. For less drastic effects, move the marker a shorter distance from 0. After typing in your number click OK to close the Pinch dialog box. Deselect the selection by pressing down the Ctrl key while pressing the letter D on your keyboard.

Now we need to repeat the steps above for the left side. Select the lasso tool again and make your selection to the left side of the chest. Feather the selection then apply the Pinch filter again. This is how my photo turned out below:

Before After
Flat Chest
Breast Augmentation

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