Creating Circular Text

Open a New: Document File > New > Blank Document.

New Blank Document

Set the specifications for the document as shown below:

New Document

For this activity I want to view my grid so the text will snap to it as I type. Select View > Grid:

View Grid

Your canvas should now look like this:

View Grid

FYI: To turn off the Grid you would repeat the step above. It will then take off the check mark beside the name.

Click the Text Tool Text Tool, then click on the canvas and type your text. The text options I used is shown below:

Circular Text Options

Make sure the Text is Left Aligned.

Click on Image > Rotate > Layer 180 degrees

Rotate Image 180 Degrees

(this will place the text upside down on the canvas):

Upside Down Text

Make a copy of the text layer (Layer > Duplicate) and hide the original layer by clicking the eye icon on the layers palette outlined in red below.

Duplicate Layer

Right click on the top layerand slect Simplify Layer.

Simplify Layer

Select Image > Transform > Free Transform ( Ctrl + T).

Free Transform

On the transform options palette, change the height to 150. This will very depending on the size and style of font you use.

Free Transform Height

Click the Green Check to accept these settings.


Click Filter > Distort > Polor Coordinates:

Distort Filter

Here is my finished project:

Circular Text

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