Touch Up Dark Photos - Two Approaches

When trying to correct any type of photo flaw, the first thing you should try is the Smart Fix. Open the photo you want to make lighter. I am using the photo I got off the internet below:

Dark Photo

First you should try the Smart Fix. With the photo open in Adobe Photoshop Elements, click Enhance > Auto Smart Fix:

Smart Fix

This is what Adobe's Program automatically did to the photo without you doing a thing:

Smart Fix

The next technique utilizes layer blending modes. With the same photo open, duplicate the layer by clicking Layers > Duplicate Layer:

Duplicate Layer

With the top layer selected, click on the arrow by the set blend mode for layer to access the drop down menu:

Blend Mode

Select screen from the menu options. Adust the Opacity to your liking.

Screen Mode

Here is my photo after setting the blending mode to Screen:

Screen Mode

Original Auto Smart Fix Screen Mode
Smart Fix Screen Mode

You be the judge. Which picture do you like best?