Fixing Gaps Between Teeth

Open a photo with someone who has a gap between their teeth. The photo I am using is shown below and I got it from the website

Gap Between Teach

Click on the new layer icon at the top of the layers palette to create a blank layer above the background layer.

New Layer

Click the clone stamp tool on the toolbox to select it Clone Stamp Tool and in the options bar, turn on the Sample Layers checkbox. Your options bar should look like the picture below:

Clone Brush Settings

We need to extend the tooth to the side of the space a little, so you will need to lower your brush size according to the size of your toothe. Press the Alt key then click on a sample area right of the center and bottom of the tooth:

Sample Tooth

Move you cursor over until it's right inside the gap. Click and drag from the bottom part of the tooth and follow the contour of it as it move up toward the lip or gum. You are just extending the side of the tooth here.

Cursor Over Gap

Depending on the size of the gap, you may be able to get away with one brush stroke here. If not, resample and continue extendind the tooth until the gap is closed. Here is my finished photo:

Before After
Gap in Teeth
Gap in Teeth Filled

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