Creating a Jigsaw Texture

Open the photo you want to apply the jigsaw texture to. I am usin the picture below:

Jigsaw Picture

The first thing we need to do is make the background layer edible. To achieve this double click the name background layer in the layers palette and type in Layer 1 at the New Layer dialog box:

Rename Background Layer

To apply the jigsaw texture, select Filter from the Menu Bar then Texture > Texturize.

Filter Texturize

To find extra textures, click the load texture button

Load Texture

then go to the Presets folder in the folder where Elements is installed and find the Textures subfolder

Texture Presets

and select the Puzzle texture from the list.

Puzzle Texture

I used the settings below for my puzzle. Play around with this option and see the different results you will get.

Puzzle Settings

Click OK to apply the settings. Your picture should look similar to the one below:

Jigsaw Filter Applied

Using the zoom tool Zoom Tool you will need to enlarge the jigsaw pieces to assist in the next step, the selection of the piece or pieces. To make the selection, choose one of the lasso tools, either the Lasso, Magnetic, or Polygon Lasso Tool:

Lasso Tools

I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool with the feather set to 1:

Feather Set to One

Click around the jigsaw area until you have it completely selected as shown below:

Jigsaw Piece Selected

Click on the move tool Move Tool to select the puzzle piece. Click on Edit > Cut, then create a new layer by clicking on the new layer icon New Layer Icon on the layers palette and click on this new layer to select it then select Edit > Paste to paste this puzzle piece on its own layer. Now rotate the piece and move it someone on your puzzle then click the green check to accept the move. Your layers palette should look similar to mine below:

Jigsaw Layers

Click back on Layer 1 and repeat the steps for selecting another puzzle piece. Remember to cut it and paste it on another layer. Continue taking pieces out of the puzzle until you get the look you want.

Click on one of your puzzle piece layers. Click the Apply Effects, Filters and Special Effects button on the Artwork and Special Effects palette.

Special Effects

Select Drop Shadow from the dropdown menu:

Drop Shadow

Apply the Outline drop shadow. Continue adding this drop shadow to each of your puzzle pieces.

Outline Drop Shadow

As you can see on the layers palette below, the icon highlighted with red indicated that a effect has been added to that layer.


I only removed two pieces and below is my finished product:

Jigsaw Puzzle with Piecews

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