Making Metal Reflections

Open a photo that you you want to add some pizzazz to. I am using the photo below I got from

Gold Guitars

Left Guitar Selection

Gradient Setting

Gradient Drag

Create another selection, this time on the right side of the left guitar:


Follow the bulleted list above to apply a gradient to this part of the guitar. Continue selecting parts of the guitar you want to highlight. Make sure to deselect your selection after you finish the gradient drag.

Now switch the color palette so that the light color appears as the foreground and the darker color appears as the background. To do this simply click the arrow between the foreground and background color Switch Color. Choose the gradient tool, setting is option to Foreground to Transparent and linear:

Gradient Setting

Create a new layer. Choose the brush tool Brush Tool and click on the Brushes drop-down box in the Tool Options Bar. Click the Brushes pop-up menu button and choose Load Brushes from the fly out menu.

Load Brushes

Choose Assorted Brushes. This load the Assorted Brushes palette ready for use. Click the Brushes drop-down box again and choose Crosshatch 48.

Crosshatch 48

On the new layer, click with the Crosshatch Brush a couple of times where a natural highlight might occur.

Add Sparkle

Change the brush size of each for a more natural effect. Here is my finished product:

Gold Glitter Guitars

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