Creating a Metalic Snowflake

First we need to create the snowflake. We will do this using a Brush.

Open a new document, 3 inches by 3 inches, 200 ppi, background transparent.

Create a new layer. This will be Layer 2.

Choose white as your foreground color and choose the paint bucket tool to flood fill the layer with white. This is your background layer that you will remove later. Right now, we want it up so that we can see what we are doing. (Should you decide later that you can see what is going on without a background, this layer is actually optional.)

Make a new layer, Layer 3. We will actually work on this layer.

Change your foreground color to black. This is the color we will use to make the basis of the snowflake with.

Open the brush tool by clicking on the brush tool Brush Tool. At the top of your screen select Assorted Brushes from the drop-down menu, and scroll down until you can choose the snowflake design.

Snowflake Brush

Change your brush size to approximately 210 pixels. Make sure Mode is set to Color and Opacity is 100%.

Brush Settings

Stamp your snowflake onto your paper, one mouse click for a thinner flake, 3 to 5 times for a thicker flake. Do not move the brush around during this process.


On you palette that is to your right, choose layer styles, Wow Chrome, and choose Wow Chrome Shiny Edge shown below.

Wow Chrome Shiney Edge

Double click the chrome button and your snowflake will become metalized! Delete Layer 1, save your file as a .gif or .png file, and you have created a metal snowflake element!

Chrome Star

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