Paste a Photo Inside a Selection

Open the picture of the daisy below in Photoshop Elements:


Next open the photo that you want to use to insert into the flower above. I used this cute baby photo I found online.

Cute Baby

Now we just want to use the head part of the photo, getting rid of the background and shoulders. Select the magnetic Lasso

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Make sure you have the layer selected. It will appear blue as shown below:

Layer Selected

Click around the baby's head to select it. When you are done your selection should look like the photo below. If you make a mistake, simply click the delete button to deselect your last selection:


Now click Ctrl + C to copy the selection to the clipboard. Click on the flower picture and select the ellipse marquee tool:

Ellipse Marque Tool

Click in the center of the flower and with the Alt key depressed pull out from the center to create a selection. FYI: You can press the spacebar key to move the selection while sizing your selection.


Then select Edit > Paste Inside Selection:

Edit Paste Inside Selection

At this point you can resize and move your selection around until you get it the way you want it. Once you get it to your liking, click the green check mark to set it Green Check Tool. Here is my finished product:

Flower Baby

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