Postage Stamp Frame

Open the photo you want to use. I am using the picture below I found on the Internet:

Girl in Raincoat

First we need to determine the size of the photo. Click on Image > Resize > Image Size:

Image Size

At the image size dialog box you see the pixel dimensions of the document, Width: 391 and Height: 426.

Image Properties

Click cancel to close the Image Size dialog box. Start a new document File > New > Blank Document:

New Blank Document

At the New Document dialog box fill in the following settings. Notice the settings of the width and height. They are the settings we noted at the Image Size dialog box:

New Document

Double click the background layer to make it edible and assign it a name or click OK to assign the default name of Layer 0.

Double Click Background Layer

Click on layer 0 and click on the foreground color swatch to open the color dialog box. Pick a color from the photo.Click on the paint bucket tool Paint Bucket Tool then pour it on the bottom layer, Layer 0. Your layer panel should now look like this:


Click on the cutter cutter tool Cookie Cutter Tool. On the options palette drop down the menu and select objects.

Cookie Cutter Options

Select the Stamp shape shown below:

Stamp Shape

Drag the stamp out over the filled document. Try to get it as close to the edge as possible.:


Click the green check to accept the setting Green Check.

Return to your photo document. Click the magic wand tool Magic Wand then select Ctrl + A to select all of the document. Notice marching ants around the entire photo.

Select All

Select Edit Copy to copy the selection to the clipboard. Click back on the stamp document and with the magic wand tool select the area inside of the stamp as shown below:


Then select Edit > Paste Inside Selection:

Edit Paste Inside Selection

Ctrl + D to deselect the selection. Add another layer and drag it to the bottom. Your layers panel should look like this:


Pick another color from the photo and pour the fill onto the bottom layer. Here is my finished product:

Finished Stamp Frame

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