Removing Blemishes
Video Tutorial

Removing imperfections from a photo is really easy. First open the photo you want to retouch. I am using the photo below:

Blemish in Photo

Now we want to duplicate the photo just in case we mess up and also to compare the results of our efforts. Click File > Duplicate to make a duplicate copy.

Duplicate File

Click on the copy of the photo to select it. Click on the Spot Healing Brush tool to select it.

Spot Healing Tool

Select a brush size in the options menu at the top of the document window. You want the brush to be roughly the same size as the blemish itself. Play with the healing brush options at the top of the document window. Mouse over to the document and position the brush cursor over the blemish. Click one time to make the spot vanish.

Healing Brush Options

Before After
Blemish Blemish Be Gone

How easy was that?

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