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There is nothing worse than finding out that a great photo you have taken of someone comes out with red eyes. First open the photo you want to edit. The Red Eye Removal tool removes red eye in flash photos of people. Open the photo with red eye. I am using the photo below I got from the book "How to Wow: by Jack Davis, Mike McHughy, and Wayne Rankin (2007):

Red Eye

Click on the Red Eye Removal Tool Red Eye Removal Tool. The first thing I would try is the Auto fix on the red eye tool palette located at the top of the document window. Click Auto to automatically correct the red eye:

Red Eye Options Auto

If this does not fix the problem undo this application (Ctrl + Z) and try to manually correct the red eye. First zoom in on the eyes by clicking the zoom tool Zoom Tool and left clicking on the canvas to zoom in. Select the Red Eye Removal Tool then set the options on the Options bar at the top of the window:

Red Eye Options

In the Options bar, set the Pupil Size and Darken Amount values. The pupil size is the proportion of pupil to the entire eye are; the default is 50%, and that's a good place to start. The darken amount determines how dark or light the pupil itself should be: 100% creates a deep black pupil, and smaller percentages create lighter pupils. The setting I used are shown below:

Red Eye Settings

Simply click in the middle of the both eyes. Photoshop Elements detects the red eye and applies the settings you chose in the Options bar. If it doesn't look quite right, press Ctrl + Z to undo, and then change the settings and drag the tool again.

Red Eye Selected

Here is my finished product:

Red Eye Be Gone

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