Replacing a Sky Background

Have you had a great photo but the sky was washed out making the photo dull and uninteresting? Well not a problem with Adobe Photo Elements. First you will neeed the sky photo. I used the one below:

Blue Sky

Then open the photo you want to replace the background on. I used the photo below:


We will start with the castle photo. Select the magic wand tool Magic Wand with tolerance set to 50 Tolerance Set to 50. Click on the dull sky to select it. You should have marching ants around the area you want to get rid of:

Sky Selected

Press the delete button to get rid of the background. Click Ctrl + D to deselect the area.

Now activate your sky picture. Click on the rectangular marquee tool Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the part of the sky you want to use as your new background:

Sky Selected

Click Edit > Copy, then click back on the castel photo to select it then select Edit > Paste. Click on the Move Tool Move Tool and drag the sky up to the top of the document. Grag the handle highlighted with red below and drag down your sky so that it fills up the background.

Sky Moved

The last thing you will need to do is drag the sky background under the castle background in the layers palette:


Here is my finished product:

Sky Replaced

What a difference!!!

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