Zombie Effect

Open the image you want to modify. The one I am using came from a free stock photo site and is shown below:


Now you will need the cracked earth photo shown below:

Cracked Earth

Open it in Elements and simply drag it into the first photo, the photo of the guy with headphones. Position the cracked earth over the face of the young man as shown below:


If the cracked earth image is not big enough or too big, you can resize it so it covers the area you want to apply this effect by selecting Image > Resize > Scale. Make sure you are on the cracker earth layer, not the photo of the person you are making into a Zombie.

Scale Image

Your layers palette should resemble the photo below:

Zombie Layers

Now just change the Layer Mode of the cracked earth layer to "Linear Light", and change the opacity down to about 60%.

Linear Light

Now simply use the eraser tool and erase out any area you don't want the cracks to cover. For this photo I only want his face to appear cracked. Make sure to erase the eye and mouth areas. You may need to occasionally change the size of your brush so you can erase smaller or larger areas.


The last thing we want to do is to make the eyes appear red. First click back on the photo layer. Select the elliptical tool Ellitical Marque Tool and draw a selection around the eyes. To select both eyes, draw a elliptical marquee around the first eye then hold the Shift key down and draw a elliptical marquee around the second eye.


Click Ctrl + J to place this selection on its own layer. Your layers palette should look like the photo below:


While it looks like nothing is on that layer, the selections are there. Click on the foreground color swatch and choose a red color Red Foreground Color. Now select the paint bucket tool and pour into both eyes. The last thing is to change the layers blend mode to overlay:


This is how my photo turned out:


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