Create a Bumper Sticker

To help promote Frillio's Pizza Joe had ask you to create a bumper sticker that will be given to customers free of charge.

Design Tips:

Use a poster of block style font to maximize the visibility of the message.
Since space is limited, use only one graphic on you bumper sticker.
Leave plenty of white space to maximize the readability of your bumper sticker.
When designing your bumper sticker, work your layout scheme in a horizontal fashion from left to right.


A large headline that prominently displays the text Frillio's Pizza on it.
A subheading that displays the Frillio's Pizza slogan Best Pizzaria in Town
The Frillio's Pizza logo.
A large, easy to read typeface showing Frillio's Pizza's phone number Phone Number
In smaller type, center the following contact information on the one line near the bottom of the bumper sticker:

Contact Info

Add additional text OR one graphic image that you feel will help to get the bumper stickers noticed by drivers and onlookers. Use caution: Your space is limited! Do not clutter the bumper sticker so much that it becomes difficult to read.

Bumper Sticker Example

Save this document with the name "Part 9 Bumper Sticker."