Create a "Pizza Club" Promotional Punch Card

Joe wants you to create a promotional punch card to encourage customers to return to Frillio's Pizza and to thank customers for their loyalty. The promotion is called the "Pizza Club" and here's how it works:

The punch card will contain fire small symbols (to be selected by you) printed on it. Every Frillio's Pizza customer will be given on "Pizza Club" punch card. Each time a customer dines at Frillio's Pizza, or orders takeout, one of the symbols on the punch card will be hole-punched. When a customer's "Pizza Club" card has all five symbols punched out, he or she earns one free large pizza or another menu item of equal or lesser value.

Design Tips:

Card should appear 5 " wide by 4" high. You want to print out for of the punch cards per page.
Use a lottery ticket as a guide to help you lay out your punch card.
Consider framing in the items to be punched with a bordered box.
Be sure the item you select to be "punched" displays large enough to be seen and punched.

Content Information:

Select a graphic image that will represent the symbol that will be punched on the card. The graphic image will be repeated five times on the promotional punch card. Possibilities include a slice of pizza, a pizza pan, a pizza cutter and so on. Arrange these items next to each other horizontally near the bottom of the Pizza Club Card. The distance between each image should be equal.
Place a headline on the top center of the card that reads Pizza Club Card
Include the Frillio's pizza logo.
Place the following text just below the headline area:

Punch Card

Using a smaller type size than you did in the previous step above, include the following text just below the area where you placed the text from the above step:


Add additional text and/or graphic images you feel will make the promotional punch card look creative and professional. Use caution: Space is limited. You already have five graphic images that represent the symbols to be punched.

Save the document as Part 11 Promotional Punch Card.

Punch Card Example