Design a Coupon Flyer

To encourage restaurant patrons to return to Frillio's Pizza, Mr. Frillio would like for you to design a flyer containing coupons that will be placed in a variety of areas throughout his restaurant.

For this activity you will use both Word with page setup of 8.5 X 11 and Publisher where you will create each individual coupon. When you have completed you coupons in Publisher save them as a gif or jpeg so you can Insert them into the Word document. Here is how my coupon flyer turned out:

Example Coupon Flyer

Design Tips:

Keep text at a minimum.

Separate coupons with a dotted-line border.


Simple to Read Headline:


Thank You for Dining at Frillio's
Please Join Us Again
Great Offers for Your Next Meal at Frillio's Pizza

Include four cut-out style coupons, each containing the headline and subtext on the indicated coupon number shown below.

Coupon Info

Add the text Limit One to each of the four coupons shown above.

Add an expiration date to each of the four coupons.

Include the Frillio's Pizza logo.

Add the following contact information on the flyer:

Contact Info

Include the Frillio's Pizza hours of operation which are:

HOurs of Operation

Add the text We deliver on the flyer.

Save the document with the name Part 4 Coupon Flyer.