Create a Poster 16" by 22"

Joe has decided to create a large poster that will be placed in high-traffic areas on the walls inside of Frillio's Pizza. The purpose of the poster is to remind customers of the friendly atmosphere they will find at Frillio's Pizza. He also want to showcase the most popular menu items offered and convey the good spirit customers will find while dining at the restaurant. For this activity you will be using Microsoft Excel.

Your poster will look like this when you are done but will print out in four pages. To see the example of the four pages click on the example link below.

The poster will print out in four pages that when taped together will make a large poster. Make sure you print preview and make sure only 4 pages are shown!! Use the tutorial at the bottom of this page to set up the page in Excel. You will not be using the content used in the video activity so when you have set up your document you will return to this page and include the information that will be included for Frillio's Pizza.

Design Tips:

An effective poster should be attractive, well-organized and self explanatory with the text and graphics linked to audience at hand.
The headline should be the largest element of the poster. It should be readable from at least five feet away. Consider using block style typeface (font) for the headline.
Decide on the major sections of information that will be included in the poster to support your main point; organize these into a logical flow.
Select graphic images that are closely tied to your major points. There should be a clear reason for each image, and each image should be tied to the text.
Avoid cluttering the poster with too many images - if the connection between an image and one of your main points is not immediately clear, don't include it just for the sake of visual appeal.

Content Information:

The poster's heading should read:
Friendly Service

Include the Frillio's Pizza logo and be sure it is prominently displayed near the top of the poster.

Include a bulleted list within a square border that includes the following menu items:

Bulleted List

Create a heading for this bulleted list and include it just above or inside the square border.

Place the following text, in small print, just below or inside the square border containing the above bulleted list:

No Preservatives

Add additional text or graphic images to make the poster an attractive, eye-catching document.

Save the document as Large Poster.

Set up the Page in Excel Instructions:

Create Posters in Excel - Setting Up Your Page

Now that you have all of your graphics colored, the flag, girl, and boy, open up Excel. At a new document window choose blank document.

You will need to format the page setup so that it will print out four pages that you will then glue together to make a large poster. With the Page Layout tab selected click the arrow on the Page Setup area to open the Page Setup dialog box. In the scaling area Adjust the size from 100% to 200%.

Page Layout

Then click the Margins tab and change the top, bottom, left, and right margins to .5. Set the Headers and Footers to 0:


Click OK to set the page and margin settings.

Set your zoom to 50%. This is found at the bottom right hand side of your document window:


Each square represents an 8 X 11 inch page.

Four Pages

Set Up Page For Poster How To Windows Video

Large Poster Printed Out in Four Pages Example

Save document as Part 15 Large Poster.