Create an Employment Application Form

You have been ask to create and design a Frillio's Pizza employment application form. The form will be used to gather information about prospective Frillio's Pizza employees. The employment application form will be used to hire dishwashers, chefs, bus boys/girls, hostesses, cashier clerks, and wait staff.

Design Tips:

Job application forms are not the place to add fancy design elements or graphic images. The document should be clean, professional, and easy to read.
Use either boxes or straight lines for the areas of information that need to be filled out.
If warranted, create a table of rows and columns when creating areas that ask applicant to list items such as present and past work experience and education.
Use lines and boarders to separate different categories of requested information.
Be sure to leave plenty of space for the applicant to fill in the areas being requested.
Stick to using one font throughout the job application's design.

Content Information:

Place the Frillio's Pizza logo in the top area of the employment application form.
Place the following text in the top center of the job application form:

Application Form

Using a small type size, add the following text just below the text you placed form the step above.

Completed Form

Use a border to frame the requested areas of information shown below. Using straight lines or rectangular boxes, create the areas of information for applicants to complete the employment application form. Be sure to arrange and organize the information areas neatly on your employment application form.

Information to include on the employment application form:

Application Content

Using a small type size, add the following text to the bottom center of the job application form:

No Descrimination

Employment Application Example

Save the document as Part 20 Employment Application Form.