Create a Gift Certificate

Joe wants gift certificates made for customers to buy as gifts.

Design Tips:

Consider using a double-line thin border to add a touch of professionalism to the gift certificate.
For the headline of the gift certificate, experiment with the use of a script style typeface (font). Script style fonts give the impression that the words were actually hand-drawn on the document.
Limit the use of graphics to one (not including the logo). Any more will make the gift certificate appear cluttered.

Content Information:

On the top center, place the text Gift Certificate This text should be the largest element on the certificate.
Include the Frillio's Pizza logo and the following contact information on the gift certificate:


Include the following text: Enjoy
Create an area that allows for the following information to be filled in:


Add additional text or graphic images you feel will make the gift certificates look creative, professional, and welcoming to the recipient (the person who will receive the gift certificate).

Save the document as Part 13 Gift Certificate.

Gift Certificate Example