Grand Opening Advertisement

Frillio's Pizza needs for you to design a print advertisement of their grand opening. The advertisement will be run in several local newspapers one week before the grand opening.

Design Tips:

Use only one or two typefaces (fonts) in the advertisement.
Use starbursts or corner slashes to communicate important information.
Use line and/or borders to separate important and to make the advertisement easier to read.
The headline is the most important part of the ad. and should be the largest element in an ad and contain no more than four to six words.
Choose graphics that help communicate the overall message being conveyed.

Content Information:

Create an eye-catching headline that captures the attention of prospective customers (Example: Grand Opening of Frillio's Pizza).
Decide on a grand opening date and include it in the top area of the advertisement where it can be easily seen.
Enclose the bullet list shown below with a rectangular or square border and include the headline You'll love pizza just above the list:

Bullet List

Include the Frillio's Pizza hours of operation:

Hours of Operation

Create a cut-out style coupon that includes the following on it:

Include the Frillio's Pizza logo on the advertisement.

Include the following contact information:

Contact Information

Choose one or two graphic images that help illustrate and enhance the look of the content in the advertisement.

Add any additional information you feel will be helpful in getting customers to react to the advertisement.

Here is an one that I made:

Grand Opening Flyer Example

Name the document Part 6 Grand Opening Flyer.