Create an Hour of Operations Sign

Create and design an "Hours of Operation" sign that will be placed in a window or door to let customers know when Frillio's Pizza is open for business.

Design Tips:

Experiment with a variety of borders to frame in the content of your hours of operation sign.
Use a poster or block style typeface (font) to maximize the visibility of the sign.
With the exception of the Frillio's Pizza logo, this is a text-only document. There is no reason to include any additional graphic images.
Use a type size that allows the sign to be read easily from a distance.

Content Information:

A centered headline placed at the top of the sign that reads Hours Open
Frillio's Pizza logo.
List the hours of operation, using a format similar to the one shown below (be sure that the type is large enough to read from a distance).

Hours of Operation

A page boarder to frame the information.

Save the document as Part 10 Hours of Operation Sign.

Hours of Operation Example