Frillo's Pizza Letterhead

Your next task is to design and create letterhead stationery that Frillio's Pizza will use to communicate with vendors and customers. A letterhead is a sheet of stationery with the name, address, logo and sometimes other relent information of an organization printed at the top, bottom, left or right sides. Letterheads are used to send business letters and other forms of correspondence. This document will be created in Microsoft Word.

For this activity there is a simple letterhead for those who are new to Microsoft Word and an advanced letterhead for the novice Word users. Both documents will contain the same information.

Design Tips:

Information to Include on Your Letterhead:

Frillio's Pizza Logo

Contact Information:

Contact Information

Letterhead Page Setup Instructions:

Number of Pages: 1
Dimensions: 8.5 X 11 Inches
Margins: .5 inches on all sides
Orientation: Portrait

Simple Letterhead:

Simple Letterhead Example

An example of a business logo, stationary, business card, and envelope is shown below for the Vino Black Design Business. Notice how all the documents are complementary of each other. That is what you are trying to achieve.


And here is another for a company called Mix and Drink:

Mix and Drink

Advanced Letterhead:

For a more advanced activity you could actually create your whole background in Fireworks, insert it into word, format your picture to Behind Text, and add a text box on top of the photo. This is an example of a letterhead created in Fireworks, then inserted into Word. Your Fireworks document should be set to a standard paper size (8.5 X 11 inches).

Advanced Letterhead Example

Save the document with the name Part 2A Letterhead.