Design a Pizza Menu

Mr. Frillio wants you to create and design a booklet-style menu that will go along with the theme of your documents. The menu will be the one document that every restaurant patron will see.

A menu is a list of food items offered by a restaurant. Menus take on a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The typical menu consists of appetizers, main entrees, desserts, and beverages. A menu is the signature of a restaurant. It is the one document that every customer will see and read. Most restaurants hire professional graphic designers to handle the creation of their menus. Careful planning, thought, and page layout is the key to successful menu design.

Design Tips:

Try using at least two different typefaces (fonts). One font for the menu items and prices, another for a subtext that describes the menu item.
Highlight the most important items using a boldface typestyle.
Keep the menu clean, uncluttered, and legible.
Use graphic images throughout the menu to bring the food items to life. Be careful not to overdo. Too many graphics can be a distraction for the reader.
The enhance the appeal of the food items, use adjectives that trigger the senses of small and taste. Example: "Try out mouth watering spinach pies."
Try using lines or border boxes to separate each category in the menu.
Map out where you will place the items. Appetizers almost always go first on a menu and the last thing should be desserts.


The menu will be designed using a booklet-style format printed on two sides. When folded in half the long way (landscape), the menu will be divided into four equal size panels. The information to include on each panel is given below: Use this tutorial to help you get your booklet setup. You will only need to set up the page to print like a booklet. Stop the tutorial when you reach the part that describes how to insert page numbers.

Outside Front Panel:

Place the word Menu using a large text size in the top-center of the outside front panel.

Include the Frillio's Pizza logo on the outside front panel.

Add the Frillio's Pizza slogan Best Pizzaria in Townto the outside front panel.

Add the text Takeout

Place the following contact information on the bottom center of the outside front panel.

Contact Info

Use additional text, design elements, and/or graphic images that will help make the outside front panel of the menu look attractive and professional.

Inside Left and Right Panels:

Add the Frillio's Pizza menu items and prices shown below.

If space is an issue, you may place a portion of the menu items and prices on the outside back panel of the menu.

Add graphic images of various food items listed to enhance the visual appeal of the menu.

Add a boxed border to surround the menu items and prices to give the menu a neat appearance.

Outside Back Panel:

If more space is needed, you may use the outside back panel to list any menu items and prices not listed on the inside left and right panels.

Place the Frillio's Pizza logo near the bottom of the outside back panel and include a message that reads Thank You

Add the Frillio's Pizza mission statement which is:

Pleasing Atmosphere

Include the Frillio's Pizza hours of operation which are:

Hours of Operation

Add the text We accept credit cards Include a graphic image of each of the MasterCard, Visa, and American Express logos. You can download these logos below:

American Express
Master Card

Save the document with the name Part 5 Menu.

Menu Example

Frillio's Pizza Menu Items and Prices:

Menu Items
Menu Items
Menu Items
Menu Items
Menu Items
Menu Items