Food Order Form

Joe wants the service in his restaurant to be impeccable. To ensure that orders go out in a timely fashion and are accurate, he wants an order form created where the waiter/waitress only has to check a check box next to the item the customer order. He also wants to include items that will be included on each food item (lettuce, tomato, etc.) so that all the waiter/waitress needs to do is circle the extra items.

He also wants the form to be small in size, the size of half of a sheet of paper so that the waiter/waitresses will be able to carry the form with ease. You will set this up the same way you did your menu. You could actually use the menu you already created and adapt it to fit the order form task. Joe also wants all the items to fit on one half sheet so you will need to play around with the size of font and text to take out. You will not need any pictures for this activity. My order form is shown below.

Order Form

Save document as Part 19 Food Order Form.