Design a Pizza Place Mat

Frillio's needs paper place mats for their restaurant that are children oriented, keeping in mind the atmosphere of a family-style pizzeria. The design of the place mats are to keep young children entertained while they wait for their food. Click on the link below to see the place mat I created:

Example Place Mat

Design Tips:

Consider using one or more of the following list of kid's activities on your place mat.

Pizza word scramble
Word search using pizza restaurant-related terms (soda, sauce, toppings, etc.).
Instructions asking the children to draw a picture of an object such as a pizza, an animal, or any other kid-friendly object.
Picture to color.
Fill in the blank activity.
Word match using pizza and restaurant-related words.
List of fun facts about pizza

Keep the design of the place mat simple and has the look that children would like. You will be creating the paper place mat in Microsoft Word set to page layout of 14 X 8.5 with landscape orientation. I choose to create my whole page in Fireworks first then import the picture into Word. If you are using Fireworks to create the whole page you will need to import (File > Import) each picture onto the document and arrange the pictures and activities on the mat. If you are only using Microsoft Word you will need to Insert each picture, change the text wrapping, then drag and type in the


Create a fun and easy-to-read title for the place mat. Keep the headline simple; remember, the audience of the place mat is young children.

Add one or more of the kid activities listed above.

Add appropriate graphic images that help make the place mat fun and appealing to children.

Add kid humor:

How do you fix a broken pizza?
With tomato paste.

Include instructions for the children that explain how to complete each activity you have included on your pizza mat.

Include Frillio's Pizza logo on the mat.

Include the following contact information in a visible area on the place mat:

Contact Information

Place the text We Delivernear the bottom center of the place mat.

Include the Frillio's Pizza hours of operation:

Hours of Operation

Save the document as Part 3 Place Mat.