Create a T-shirt Raffle Entry Form

Your task for this activity is to create a T-shirt raffle entry form. The form will be filled out by customers of Frillio's Pizza who choose to enter the weekly T-shirt giveaway. Your raffle form needs to by 5" by 4". When printed out four will fit on a page in Microsoft word set to landscape orientation.

Forms are a part of every business-from job and college applications, to loans and surveys. The purpose of a form is simple - to collect information.

Design Tips:

Be sure to allow plenty of space between the lines.
Be sure each line or box of information is wide enough for the customer to fit the requested information.
Include the text "print neatly" to make the information easy to read.
Use the same typeface (font)throughout the form. There is no need to get fancy when designing a form. The information you are requesting should be presented to the reader in a clear and concise manner.
Be sure to include instructions on what to do with the form once it is filled in completely.

Content Information:

At the top of the form, include the text Free T-shirt

Next to the text at the top of the form, include a small graphic image of the T-shirt and its design that you created in the T-shirt flyer.

On the next line, include the following text:

Fill Out Form

Include the text Print Neatly just above the first line of entry on the form.

Request that the customer fill out the lines of entry shown below. Add thin straight lines next to or above each item of requested information.

Customer Information

Add a line of text that reads How are we doing?

Just beneath this text, create small check-off boxes next to the following words as shown below:

Check Boxes

Add a section for customers to write in any additional comments they would like to add to the form.

Arrange the requested information neatly on the card.

In small print, include the following text near the bottom of the form:

One size fits all

Save the document as Part 16 Raffle Form.

Raffle Entry Form Example