Design a Refrigerator Magnet

To keep the name of Frillio's Pizza fresh in the minds of its customers, Mr. Frillio would like for you to design a business card size refrigerator magnet that will be distributed for free to all Frillio's Pizza customers.

Design Tips:

Since space is limited, use only one typeface (font) in the design of the magnet.

Be sure to prominently display the phone number since it will be the most likely form of contact that customers will use.

Content Information:

Include a headline at the top of the magnet that reads Call today

Include the Frillio's Pizza logo on the magnet.

Include the following content information in the order shown:

Contact Info

Include the Frillio's Pizza hours of operation:

Hours of Operation

Add additional; text or ONE graphic image that will help in getting customers to respond to the magnets. The suggested graphic image to use is a telephone.

You will create the magnets in Publisher as you did previously for you business card. Use the business card setup.

Here is the refrigerator magnet I designed:

Refrigerator Magnet Example.

Name the document Part 7 Refrigerator Magnet.