Design a Takeout Menu Brochure

Mr. Frillio wants you to create and design a three-panel brochure that will serve as the Frillio's Pizza takeout menu. All the items and prices from the Frillio's Pizza menu will be used to create the takeout menu. The brochure will serve two purposes, to advertise the Frillio's Pizza restaurant and to provide customers with a takeout menu in a convenient size.

Design Tips:

Don't clutter the brochure. The design should have a consistent flow that moves the reader from the outside front cover through the inside right panel.
Stick to the same theme and design scheme to establish consistency with the two menus.
Consider using a thin-line border on the inside three panels of the menu to "frame" the information contained on them.


Outside right panel of the brochure:

A headline that readsTakeout Menu This text should be placed near the top of the brochure and should be the largest text on the panel.

The Frillio's Pizza logo and the slogan Best Pizzaria in Town

The Frillio's Pizza phone number Phone Number and the Web site addressWeb Address

Use a graphic image of an arrow pointing to the right. Hear or on the arrow, place text that readsSee Inside

Add additional text or graphic images that will make the brochure look attractive and professional.

Outside middle panel of the brochure:

The Frillio's Pizza logo.

Include the following contact information:

Contact Information

Note: The logo and contact information should be placed near the bottom of the panel.

Include the Frillio's Pizza hours of operation:

Hour of Operation

Add text that reads We deliver

In small print, add the text All menu items available for delivery

Add additional text or graphic images that make the brochure look attractive and professional.

Outside left panel of the brochure:

Include a message and/or image that entice the reader to open and read the rest of the brochure. Example:

Create a cut-out coupon that includes the following.:

A dotted-line border to create the appearance of a cut-out coupon.

Text that reads Free Appetizer

In fine print, include text that reads One Coupon Per Customer

A small graphic image of an appetizer menu item on the interior of this coupon.

Inside three panels of the brochure:

Include all of the Frillio's Pizza menu items and prices on the inside three panels of the brochure. The menu items can be fount in the menu activity here. Stay consistent with the design that you used for your menu.

Repeat the following text several times in the footer (bottom) area of the three inside panels: Call

Add additional text or graphic images that make the inside of the brochure look attractive and appeal to the senses of taste and smell.

Takeout Menu Example

Save the document as Part 8 Takeout Menu.