Frillio's Pizza T-shirt Design on a Flyer

This part involves two separate steps that will be combined into one document. Step one is to create a design for Frillio's Pizza T-shirts. Step two is to add the T-shirt design to a flyer announcing a weekly free T-shirt giveaway. Frillio's Pizza will hold a weekly raffle in which one customer per week will win a free Frillio's Pizza T-shirt. The T-shirts are a way of saying "thank you" to customers for dining at Frillio's Pizza. The T-shirts will also help to promote the Frillio's Pizza establishment.

Design Tips:

Be sure that the message on the T-shirt is in a block style typeface (font) to make it easy to read.
Make the graphic of your T-shirt large enough to see when placed on the flyer.

Content Information:

Part 1: Create the Frillio's Pizza T-shirt Design:

To create the Frillio's Pizza T-shirt design, place the following inside a graphic image of a T-shirt (available here).

A catchy headline that conveys a message about the food and service at Frillio's Pizza
The Frillio's Pizza logo and slogan Best in Town
The phone number Phone Number

Use your imagination and creativity to make the T-shirt design desirable for customers to wear.

T-shirt Design Example

Save the document as Part 14A T-shirt Design.

Part 2: Create a Flyer to Announce the Frillio's Pizza Free T-shirt Giveaway

Include the following on the flyer:

Create a "catchy" headline for the flyer to announce the free T-shirt giveaway.

Include the following text below the headline:

Add the graphic image of the T-shirt design you created in part 1 of this activity. The graphic of the T-shirt design should be prominently displayed on the flyer.

Include the following text near the bottom of the T-shirt flyer:

One Size Fits All

Add additional text and/or graphic images to make the flyer appealing and professional looking.

Save the document as Part 14B T-shirt Design.

T-shirt Flyer Example