Blending Photos

You can blend two or more photos to get a unique picture. I used a picture of my dog cracker and a hunting scene photo.

Open an existing image. I am going to use the image of the man and dog on the lake excluding the puppies head shown above. I will refer to this as the background of the picture.

Add a new layer by clicking on Layers>New Raster Layer>OK or clicking the new layers icon shown below:

Open another image. I used a picture of my dog Cracker.

Pick the Point to Point option under the selection dropdown list. Draw a selection around the picture you want by left clicking around the picture and double clicking to make selection. I selected just the head of Cracker.

Point to Point Settings:

Feather = 0
Anti-Alias = Checked

Click on Selections>Modify>Feather (Pixels = 15)

Place a copy of the current selection into your clipboard by pressing [CTRL+C]

Click on the background image and press [CTRL+E] to paste the selection onto the background.

Right click to place the photo in the picture where you want it to appear.

Press [CTRL+D] to deselect the selection.

Click on Layers>Properties, set Blend Mode = Hardlight

Experiment with the Blend Mode and Opacity settings. The settings I used are shown below: