Easy Animation Using the Mirror Feature

You will need to save the picture I used below for this tutorial or open a one of your own:

Open the image in PSP. Now we need to make a copy of the above image, the easy way to do this is to go to your keyboard and press the "shift key" along with the "D" key and release.

Now that you have two images of the clown or two images of your choice, activate your second image then go to "Image" then "Mirror." Your images should look like the ones below:

Name your images whatever you wish, they will need to be brought up in animation shop in the order that I placed them...image 1 then 2. Save both images in .psp or .jpg format in a place where you can find them. You will need to bring them up in animation shop next.

Launching Animation Shop:

Go to "File" then "Jasc Software Products" then "Launch Animation Shop."

Start the animation Wizard: Go to File || Animation Wizard.

A dialog box will open, leave same size as the first image, click next.

Canvas color set for transparent, click next.

Check Upper left corner of frame, check with the canvas color, click next.

Check Yes repeat the animation, choose 35 (For how long you would like the frame to be displayed), click next.

A dialog box will open up, this is where you specify the images to be loaded.

Choose "Add Image"

Go to where you saved your two images and bring each one in starting with the first saved image. Then click "Next" then "Finish."

Animation Frame opens with your two images. Now go to the top right side of your tool bar and click "View Animation." If you are happy with your animation go to "File" "Save As," and name your animation. Save as a "gif" continue clicking on the "Next" button through all the windows.

If you would like to resize the animation (Make smaller) Go to "Animation" "Resize Animation."

Here is the animation I made: