Coloring Book Activity

I used the following coloring sheet for my image, however you can find one online or scan one into PSP:

Open the image and the first thing you need to do is check the image for number of colors. Increase number of colors to 16 million (Image || Increase number of color depth || 16 Million) , if it isn't already. If the 16 million option is greyed out, then the image is already at that color depth.

You may need to remove the white background from your image. If so, go to the removing the white background link here.

Using the MagicWand selector, set the options (in the tool options box) according to the settings below:

Match mode: RGB
Tolerance: 30
Feather: 0

Modify the selections to select similar colors (Tolerance 1), click OK. Modify selections || Modify || Remove specks and holes. This should now fill in any open area so you can color the image without running the fill into other areas. You might need to use the paint brush to close large gaps.

Add a new raster layer; name it or just click OK. Using your Floodfill tool, the little bucket, set your floodfill color to whatever you please. With the magic wand, select an area you want to color. Flood fill the area. If you want to color more than one area with the same color, simply hold down the Shift key and select additional areas before flood filling your image. Right clicking on the canvas will deselect the selection removing the marching ants.

Continue coloring your picture. Experiment with the pattern and gradient fills. Add a new raster layer and add tubes of your choice.

Add another raster layer and add a background. Here is my finished product: