Combining Two Photos for a Different Effect

For this tuttorial we will use some basic tools and enhancement features to change a simple photo (Door Glass Frame) into a more spectacular one (Door with Sunset). The two pictures I used are shown below:

The first thing you want to do is to choose the Rectangle Selection tool from the tool bar . Then click the Tool Option window and make sure that the feather value is set to zero (0) . We will be working with relatively sharp edges on the bottom part so we don't need any feathering. Place the crosshairs of the rectangle tool in the upper left hand corner of the top left window pane and select the pane. You may want to Zoom In to get a better selection area (View>Aoom In). Now click and hold the <Shift> key, move to the adjecent pane and do the same. If your selection is not accurate, you can click the undo button and try again. Once you have all your squares selected, we will select the top of the door that is not in the shape of a square. Select the Freehand selection tool and make sure point to point is selected at the Tool Option Window. While still holding down the shift key, left click point to point until you have selected all the way around the area, then double click to end the selection. Continue this until hou have all the areas selected. When you're done you should have the image shown below:

Now open an image that you want to be reflected in the window. For this tutorial I have used the sunset shown above. Anything you have will do, use your imagination. Just make sure that the image is in the same (vertical) direction as the window.

Load the image, then from the Main Menu choose Selections, Select all to select the entire image..Then choose Edit, Copy.

Move to the original image and make it active by clicking o its title bar. Then select Edit, Paste, Into Selection to place the image in the window.

At this point, the picture may look fine to some of you, but it's not quite realistic yet. In a sunset such as this there would be a reddish cast on the house so let's put one. On the Main menu, click Selections, Invert to select everything but the window panes. If you were to quick to deselect te image in the previous step, simple press the undo button on the tool bar to get your selection of the window panes back and then invert it.

Here is my finished product: