Applying Borders

Adding borders around your picture can give it a richer look, whether it is a piece of artwork or a photograph you have taken. FYI: When you apply a border to a layered image, it will automatically be flattened.

Open your finished image into Paint Shop Pro’s workspace. I used a puppy picture I got from and cropped it. The image I was left with is shown below:

To add the border to this picture is quite easy with PSP 9. Simply click Image>Add Borders to open the Add Borders dialog box. This is where your creativity will come in. You will need to determine what width you want your border. Type the numbers you want in.

Change the border color by opening the Color preview window, and selecting ‘White’.- or your own choice. Notice, for this Polaroid effect the ‘Symmetric’ check box is checked, making all four borders equal in size. To have different size borders you would not have this option checked. Select ‘OK’ and the Polaroid effect will be applied.

Flood Fill with a Color or Add an Effect:
From the Toolbar select the Magic Wand tool and left-click once inside the white frame.

Then change the Foreground Styles/Stroke of the Color Materials palette to a color, gradient or pattern you would like your border filled with. Then select the flood fill button, then pour in the pattern or color of your choice. While the border remains selected with a marquee, apply a Drop Shadow or Inner Bevel - if Preferred.

Play around with all the different effects you can make. Check out the gradients, patterns, and the color with patterns. There are millions of different effects you can achieve at the Materials palette shown above. This is the effect I got from the above pattern choice. You don't have to keep the black or white color. Simply pick a solid color, then select the flood fill tool and pour over the white and/or black parts of the frame. The possibilities are endless.