Gold Outlined Text

Start out with an image:

400 x 300 pixels
Resolution: 72
Image characteristics: Raster Layer
Color depth: 16 million
Black background

Set your foreground color to white and your background color to none/null.

Choose your text tool and set the line width to 4. Click in your canvas to activate your text. I picked Broadview, size 72 and typed Gold with create as vector selected. Click Apply to close the Text dialog box.

Apply an inner bevel (Effects || 3D || Inner Bevel) with the following settings:

Bevel: 2
Width: 31
Smoothness: 35
Depth: 18
Ambience: 90
Shininess: 20
Color: #B5995F
Angle: 333
Intensity: 15
Elevation: 60

Apply an Artistic Effect (Effects || Artistic Effects || Chrome) with the following settings:

Flaws: 4
Brightness: 50
Use original color: checked

Want a reflection? Duplicate your text layer (right click on text layer and select duplicate), flip it (image || flip), nudge it up under the original layer and then use the deformation tool to distort it. The secret to this tool is that to distort or skew the image you must hold down the Control key while pulling out the image. Lower the opacity of the deformed layer and you're done. This is how mine turned out: