Loading Masks

Loading Masks from Disk
Load a mask file that you have saved or load one of the sample masks that come with Paint Shop Pro. Mask files have a .PspMask extension. Use the Layers > Load Mask > From Disk command to load mask files or load image files as masks.

To load a mask from disk:

On the Layer palette, click the layer you want to mask.

Choose Layers > Load/Save Masks > Load Mask From Disk to open the Load Mask From Disk dialog. The Mask group box shows all masks in all directories listed in your file locations for masks. To change the default directory, click the Edit Paths button. For more information, see Setting File Locations.

In the Mask group box, click the drop-down list to choose from mask and image files.
The Preview group box displays the selected mask on the image canvas.

In the Orientation group box, select from the following options:

Fit to canvas:

Adjusts the mask to fit the current image canvas (stretching or contracting as needed).

Fit to layer:

Adjusts the mask to fit the current layer data (stretching or contracting as needed). If the layer has not been shifted beyond the edges of the canvas, this option is identical to the Fit to Canvas option.

As is:

Places the mask starting in the top left corner of the current layer; this option does not change the mask proportions. If the mask image is smaller than the current layer, Paint Shop Pro by default masks all pixels outside of the mask image boundaries.

In the Options group box, choose whether Paint Shop Pro shows or hides pixels surrounding the loaded mask data (if there are any). These options affect the mask only if the Orientation option is As Is and the loaded mask is smaller than the current image canvas.

Inverting Masks:

To reverse the transparency of a mask, invert it. Black pixels become white and white pixels become black. Greys become their mirror value—the maximum value (255) minus the current value.

To invert a mask on the Layer palette, select the name of the mask layer. Choose Layers > Invert Mask/Adjustment.