Mesh Warp Animation

The mesh warp tool makes it easy to create a fire animation. First open an image:

Image Dimensions: 400 x 400 pixels
Resolution: 72
Image Characteristics: Raster Background
Color Depth: 16 million
Color: Black

Click on your picture tube tool and select the fire tube. Add several flames at different steps and sizes to your canvas. You can see what my image looks like below at this step:

Next we will warp parts of the picture so that it looks like the fire is moving. Click on the mesh warp deformation tool shown below:

When you click on Mesh Warp tool you will see green mesh on your image Here you will also see the settings the different settings that will change the way the grid is displayed. Changing the settings will determine how big or small an area you can warp. Just play with it until you get the size you want. The mesh settings I used are shown below along with the grid it generated.

After you get grids the way you want them hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and hit D twice now we have 3 images with the mesh in the same place.

Grab hold of little square's and move them around, play around with this move what you want to move. One of the fire pictures with the warp grids moved is shown below:

Export this image and name it something like fire1. Warp the other two images, exporting them and saving them with names like fire2 and fire3. Load them into Animation Shop and run the wizzard to create your animated image.

Open Animation Shop and click on Animation Wizard. Go through the setup with the following settings:

Click on View>Animation to see how it looks. If you like the way it looks go to Save and name your image. I usually leave the settings the way they are on the second screen. Hit Next. When the optimizing is done, hit Next and you'll be shown how your image will look after PSP has optimized it for you. Hit Next. The next screen shows download times. Hit Finish and your done. My fire animation is shown below: