Paste Inside Selections

You will need two pictures for this activity. Open the sunglasses graphic shown below in PSP or a personal graphic to your liking.

Make a new copy of this image (Shift + D) and rename it something else. This way you will always have the original picture if things don't turn out like you planned! If the image you are using is too large, resize or crop it to an appropriate size.

Add a New Raster Layer by clicking on the New Raster Layer icon of by clicking Layers>New Raster Layer. Name it "color".

Choose the Freehand Selection Tool . In the Tool Options Palette, choose the settings: Smart Edge, Feather: 7, Anti-alias.

Decide which area you want to select on your canvas. View>Zoom in... if you need a closer look at the canvas. At the starting point, click once then continue clicking once around the selection and when you end back at the starting point, double click to activate the selection area. For my graphic I will be choosing the lens of the glasses. When selecting multiple areas, like the second lens, simply hold down the Shift key and select the second selection the same way you did the first.

Just to be sure our selection marquee will not accidently be lost, let's save it. Click Selection>Load/Save Selection>Selection To Alpha Channel. Assign it a name then click OK to close the Save Selection to Alpha Channel dialog box. This will save the marquee shape and position inside the image, so if by chance, the marquee is lost or altered, it can be brought back to the canvas by clicking Selection>Load From Alpha Channel.

Save again!

Open the bright colorful image you chose to paste inside the selection marquee. The one I used is shown below:

While this image is active, click Edit>COPY. Using the pointer tool, click on the original (sunglasses) image to activate it. (If you accidently deselect the marquee, you can load it from the saved alpha channel or click UNDO.) Click Edit>Paste>INTO SELECTION. How easy was that!!!

How does it look? If its too bright you can tone it down a bit. On the Layer Palette, next to the color layer, move the Opacity Lever to 45 or 50. You can experiment with the transparency settings to suit your image.