Patterned Filled Text

For this tutorial I used a free pattern I found online. You can download & use this one or any other pattern.

Open the image above in Paint Shop Pro. You must have this open in the program in order to use it as a fill in this exercise.

Open a new image any size I used 400 x 100, 16.7 million colors (24 Bit) and I used a background color of black.

Click on you text tool. Go to your "Color Palette" left click the arrow in the foreground color palette and choose the null icon for "No Foreground."

Now do the exact same thing for the background except choose the pattern icon.

Double click on the pattern fill box to open the pattern style option box. Click on the Pattern tab, then click the arrow and select a pattern. All open images will appear in the pattern box along with PSP installed patterns. So anything that you have open in your work space will show up in the pattern box, like the pattern you opened above. Select the pattern you opened earlier.

After selecting your pattern click "Ok" from the pattern dialog box. Your color palette should look like the one below if you used the flower fill I provided above:

Select the text tool from your tool bar. Click on the canvas to open the text entry dialogue box. After you have finished typing in your text click "Apply" to place the text on your canvas.

The text should now be in your new image, you may have to move it over a bit to be center or resize it to your liking. Use the crop tool to trim the excess space around your text.

Now all you need to do is name and save your graphic as a "gif" or "jpeg" file. Here is my finished product:

Try using a stroke around your text. The tools option for the stroke fill is shown below. Use the dropper tool to select an exact color within your fill to give it a unique look:

This is the text, altered a bit from the one above, with the above font and line options selected:

Paint Shop Pro 9 has come with some of the most interesting fill patterns. Experiment with the different settings to create unique and fun text effects. Below is a fill that comes with PSP 9 and brings a whole new meaning to text itself: