Pattern Fill Frame

Find an image you would like to use for this activity. I found mine at, Open it in PSP.

Hold down shift and press D. This duplicates the picture giving you two images. Keep both images open.

Click on Image>Add Borders. Use the settings below:

Now go to the other image. Select the crop tool. Hold down the left mouse button as you select part of the picture. Double click the selection to crop it.

Now select the magic wand.

The magic wand settings should be set to this:

Click once on your border on the original picture. You are now going to work on this selection.

Double click on the foreground color rectangle on the color pallete. The color options box pops up. Click on the Pattern tab, then select your selection. Click OK. Select the paint can and then just pour the into the selection. This is the finished product. To deselect the frame simply hold down the Control key and click the letter D.

You could take this a step further and add an inner or outer bevel to the frame. You would need to do this before deselecting the frame.